Cannot add a second connector or manage network

I have my Twingate network up and running but would like to add a second connector. I have read the other forum post regarding this topic called “deploying second connector” and I do not have any way to manage my network. I go to the admin console as the document describes “” and it redirects me to /networks/overview but there is no “manage” feature to the right of my network. Thank you for your help.

Hi @systemf,

you should first go to your Remote Network. In the Admin Console, under the Network section, click on the “Remote Networks” tab: you should see a list of Remote Networks there. Click on the right Remote Network you would like to add a Connector to, and it will take you to the Remote Network’s configuration page where you should see a “Add Connector” button on the left hand side.

Exactly what I needed. Thank you.