Chocolatey Connector Update

Chocolatey reports that the latest version of the Twingate connector is 1.41. I installed this version a couple(?) months ago and the Twingate admin page reports it is v1.56 of the connector.

Now that 1.58 has been released, I tried using chocolatey to update

choco upgrade twingate-connector

…but chocolatey reports that 1.41 is the latest version available.

How do I update Windows connectors deployed with chocolatey to v1.58?

Hey Mike,

This is actually a bit of a point of confusion, ultimately the Chocolatey package is always grabbing the “Latest” Connector behind the scenes, even though you see 1.41 in the Chocolatey description.

I’ll pass your feedback on to our labs team to potentially update the Chocolatey package details.



To upgrade, then, I assume I would need to force reinstall:

choco install twingate-connector -force

…which I presume would mean generating new tokens and recreating the connector. Or would it do an in-place upgrade?