Reports Traffic

If I am using Twin Gate to access some private company resources and I am going to visit a website like for example, is this request going to be logged within the Twin Gate reports ? Or it is even possible to track it?

according to the docs I read:

As Twingate is not a traditional VPN, it does not see other user traffic, which flows directly to the Internet.

so my guess is that any request to a public website like does not even reach their systems. Is my understanding correct? Many thanks

can someone please help me with my query? Thanks

hi @blueberry, your understanding is correct: Twingate is a Split Tunnel solution which means that only traffic defined by your Twingate Resources is intercepted by the Twingate Client and sent to the Twingate Connectors. Think of Twingate Resources as split tunneling rules, basically.

You can absolutely intercept and log traffic so, what you would need to do for this is to create a Twingate Resource on or a more generic one * or even *.com.