Raspberry installation for a second connector does not install

While trying to install in a raspberry pi 4B a connector using: sudo curl …
I got the following reply, that finishes with two error messages that I would like to solve because the connector status is still: "not yet connected.

Leyendo lista de paquetes…
E: Repository ‘Index of /raspbian buster InRelease’ changed its ‘Suite’ value from ‘stable’ to ‘oldstable’
E: Repository ‘Index of /debian buster InRelease’ changed its ‘Suite’ value from ‘testing’ to ‘oldstable’

You won’t be able to install a second Connector on the same machine because the twingate-connector package is already installed and can’t be installed a second time.

You’re perfectly fine with your single Connector. @Bren has a good answer from another thread that I’m just going to steal:

Connectors are designed to provide high availability and load balancing so they should run on separate machines. If you already have 1 Connector deployed on your machine, you should be all set.

When we suggest that users run at least 2 Connectors, we mean 2 Connectors are different machines. This is primarily for business use cases where you have a VPC with a bunch of servers and you want a redundant Connector to reduce the chance of losing connectivity.

I did not say that my second connector was on the same machine. Actually both of them were in different ones.

Hi egc,

Those particular messages are not specific to Twingate or the connector, but are instead due to underlying changes in the Debian repos that Raspbian uses.

If the connector is not starting - there could be a number of reasons, and the best way to troubleshoot them is to take a look at the Twingate Connector Logs

If you don’t see an obvious answer please feel free to forward them to me at arthur(at)twingate.com - mention this forum post, and I can take a look.