AWS Connector Failed

First time setup (non tech person). Have achieved EC2 AMI and can SSH in. Have followed process for connector deployment and seems to be installed (use systemctl commands to check have latest version of connector). However cannot get it to run or connect to Twingate account and error message “connector failed due to unavailable resources or system error”. How do i fix?

And here is a screenshot of services.

Hey Zinc,

Let me look into this for you - I haven’t personally deployed an AMI connector so I want to try and do that before I troubleshoot anything!

Thanks for your patience.


I have now started a new EC2 instance without AMI and the connector works this time - BUT I am unable to install the second connector that is recommended. It keeps saying “failed, service already exists” which is presumably connector 1. I followed guide to create new tokens etc but cannot add a second connector. Also I am trying to connect DNSFilter - but there are no instructions on how to - just a blog about the new integration. How do I fix?

Hi Zinc,

If you’re trying to install the second connector on the same EC2 Instance as the first, it will not work. It needs to be a separate instance, otherwise the conflict you see will occur.

As far as “connecting” DNSFilter - I’m not exactly sure what you mean, but if you were to add the IP(s) of your connector boxes in your DNSFilter Dashboard as “sites” - you could then add the DNSFilter server IPS ( and as Twingate resources, and any requests sent to those servers from machines with the Twingate client on them would be routed through your connector(s) and out to DNSFilter.

Thanks. I have twingate on a windows device and I am logged in to my twingate network, but if I check my IP address on a browser - it shows true/router IP and not a twingate IP/server? Do I need to do something else to fix this? I thought with windows SBL it would resolve my device to a twingate IP?

Hi @Zinc Twingate only routes the resources you define in the admin panel via the connector. Can you try adding the resource via the admin panel, waiting for it to appear in your list of resources in the client and then visit - it should show the exit IP of your connector (because the connector is routing that traffic). If you then disconnect Twingate the same address should resolve to your router IP.

Thanks. I added the resource and it shows router IP even when I am supposed to be connected to twingate network?

How do I know if I am actually connected??

I have all green in twingate dashboard and the twingate icon in windows tray shows connected with the same resources I can see in Admin Console. Does something else need to happen with connector in AWS?

And my Remote Network in the twingate dashboard has an orange circle - but the associated Connector is all green?