Forward All Traffic Through Twingate

Saw the one topic around this, however, it didn’t work. When travelling, I am looking for forward all traffic through the connector leveraging my home connection and IP. How can I make it a full tunnel rather than split?


If you define resources for * (as a hostname) and as an IP CIDR Range, it wiill route ALL network traffic via your home connector while you’re connected to Twingate.


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Hey Arthur,

What would be the best option to support a hybrid model where:

  1. Normal usage within the states would be to access home lab resources and leverage split tunneling (my primary use case for twingate)

  2. Secondary usage would be for friends/family (especially when traveling internationally) to use my home network as a full traffic forwarder (rather than signup for PIA, ProtonVPN, etc.)

I don’t have any internal resources for friends/family to access, so ideally, they wouldn’t be able to connect to my internal lans.

Could Twingate support that with 1 instance or would I be needing to create two instances?

Ah a fellow Fallout nerd! Always delightful to see.

You could get away with a single instance still. You would just want to define some user groups, and in “Your” group, you would have your homelab stuff/your resources, and in your “F&F” group, you would have * and - and then when you added a friend or family member, you’d put them in the F&F group and when connected to TG they’d essentially full tunnel through your connector, but when you connected, you’d only have access to your homelab stuff.

Make sense?

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Yesss, <3 fallout. I’m not much for creativity though in terms of choosing a unique name i’m afraid.

Re: groups, that makes perfect sense. I’m going to spin that up tonight and give it a go.

if I wanted to get slightly fancier and have an external VPS dedicated to the F&F portion of the egress, looks like I could add the cloud side as a new remote network, install a connector into it, define the * and resources, and then add the F&F group to the resources in that new network.

P.S. My apologies to OP for hijacking the thread a bit. I felt that the topics were closely related and will help other folks out with similar wants/needs.