No Invite from Twingate


I sent an invite to a colleague, but it didn’t send.
I’ve reviewed the gmail logs and there are no any email with invites.
Could you check it, please?

Hi Oleg,

Looking at your tenant, I do not see any other user records created besides your own.

Can you try re-adding your friend as a user again and let me know when you have so I can check once more?



Hello Arthur,

could you check ec319 for email vladyslav.vynoh…@… ?

I’ve invited him, but do not see any incoming or bounced in email logs of gmail workspace.

Best regards.

I do indeed see a request sent to that email address. Let me check internally to see if there’s anything I can see.

We have record of sending the message from our side, and confirmation that our provider sent it as per our request, and no indication on our side that it failed, so there is a chance that it’s being blocked at the users end or tagged as spam or some such reason.

I apologize, at this time that’s the most info that I’m able to offer.


This is not cause of user action. I’ve checked the google workspace logs. Those logs are saved before users actions. But I do not see emails from Twingate there. So looks like email was not delivered to google. I’ve tried to send invite to another person and see the invite in google logs like “Delivered to Gmail mailbox”. But still not get any for Vladyslav.