Lost access to MFA for Admin account

Twingate has been great. Thanks for all the hard work. I purchased a new device and completely forgot to backup my MFA. I still have the connectors on my K8s cluster deployed and have logon access through the mobile app. But when logging through the site, I’m forced to enter MFA which I no longer have access to.

Is there anything I can do?

Is it possible someone can take look at this?

Sorry about that, I’m the main point of contact on the forums and I was away at a conference last week and off for the first part of this week.

If you want to email me the following information from the email address of the account you’d like to reset mfa on I can get it taken care of. My address is arthur (at) twingate.com

  1. Your tenant slug ([whatever].twingate.com - the “whatever”)
  2. Your full name
  3. The name of a remote network you’ve configured.
  4. The name of a resource on that remote network.
  5. The name of one of your connectors

If you can send that all through so I can be reasonably confident you’re you, I’ll get the MFA removed.



Sent over all the necessary info plus a bit more.


Hey Arthur,

Were you able to review the email?

Just sent you a note!