Manage Access to SnowFlake Web console

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the real newbie question. We have a new Snowflake platform and access it using the standard web url eg,

We have many remote staff members - which means lots of dynamic IP addresses/hotspots etc. Can we manage access to Snowflake using Twingate and can someone point me in the direction of configuration documents?

Much appreciated.

Senor Dai

Hey Senor,

This document should lay out the general concept of what you’ll need to do. I can’t specifically speak to configuring Snowflake as I’ve not used it, but I believe this help page should point you in the right direction.



Hey Arthur, I followed the guides you sent, however snowflake still “sees” my public IP, and not the whitelisted one (which is in our remote network)

Any ideas on how to debug this?

Hi @yardenas - more often than not the reason we still see behaviour like that is because there’s a domain or two being accessed by the service that hasn’t been deployed as a Twingate resource.

One of the easiest ways to debug this is to open the developer tools panel in your browser of choice, and view the “Network” tab, then load the app in question (in this case Snowflake) - and watch the list of domains the site calls out to while it loads/while you’re logging in. There may be some script servers or something for the app that will need to also be added as Twingate resources.

Let me know if you have any other questions!



Hey again Arthur, thanks for the prompt response.

I tried looking in the “Network” tab but couldn’t find anything suspicious. Any other suggestions?