Client Internet access througt the remote network

In a Twingate client how I can route the internet traffic through the remote network’s internet connection. Like a full tunnel VPN mode. I need the client use the remote internet router ISP, instead the local internet router ISP.

We do not do full tunnel, but you can always add the resources you want to be handled by Twingate as resources. You can also use wildcards like ..

Tell me why you want to use the remote internet router ISP (I assume where the connector is) and not the local ISP?

Is it DNS reasons? There are other/better solutions for that which work with Twingate and will handle all traffic for you. DoH and DNS filtering as well.

In your admin console check settings and Secure DNS.

Thanks Jason,
When I’m traveling out of the country there are websites that block other countries connections. Currently I solve this problem with a VPN.

Ahh ok. Not a great use-case for Akkio, but you can always add the resource you need to access and then use the connector you have setup here.