How to connect my Printer

Hi, i am unsure if its possible with Twingate. Maybe you can clarify my problem and give a hint how to do it.

I have a NAS running at home and published a paperless-ngx container service to twingate and also a network share. Using my smartphone i can easily access my documents using twingate. I also can do this in my office with my windows pc. But i find no way to connect my printer in the office to my nas, so that the ADF document scanner puts the scanned pdfs on my NAS at home.

Is there a way, to let other/all clients in my office connect to my network at home using only one client? Like a network bridge?

Hi @Hefti, welcome to the Twingate Forum. So great to have you here.

While this doc does not explicitly call out your use case, this is a method that should work using the Twingate Client in headless mode.