Granular protocol restrictions

New user here, just kicking the tires on Twingate.

Scenario I can’t seem to address:

User A only needs RDP access to a resource - simple, restrict to TCP port 3389 on the resource settings.

Now, User B needs full access to the same resource (all ports) - here’s where I am stuck. I don’t see how to set this up.

Sorry if the documentation exists for this already, I couldn’t find anything.

In this case you would create two resources.

Same IP different ports and protocols as you describe.
Each user would be in a different group.

One group for each resource.

User A - Resource A:3389 - Group A
User B - Resource A:(All ports) - Group B

Does that make sense?

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Jason’s solution is the only way to do this today. Let us know if it works!

I’ll keep this request in mind for our future roadmaps as more granular controls for a specific Resource comes up now and again.