Administrative privileges in RPD

My employe are using RDP of our resource but I need control over the Admin access for them to use privileged action like installing software and changing some settings. The access should be modified time based and role based accordance with user requirements.

similar to cyber Ark application for which user request an access via Agent application to Admin then further the consent is provided by Admin user in Admin console.

It sounds like this is your situation:

  • Your employees use RDP to access a machine that’s also a Resource in Twingate.
  • You want to manage admin access on the machine they RDP into, meaning you want to grant your users temporary admin access on the machines they RDP into.

If I’m understanding correctly, then this isn’t something that Twingate is designed for. Twingate operates at the networking layer and acts as the thing that connects your employees to their Resources.

What you’re trying to do is at the software layer for the machines. Twingate doesn’t operate at that layer at present. We’ll keep this request in mind, as it’s something to explore if we were to provide control over things running at the software layer on Resources.