Connector on one side shows green and in the Twingate dashboard shows no connection

I’ve been following along with some YouTube videos to get the Twingate setup for connection to my home lab. I created the connector using a docker container on my Synology NAS. The container is showing a green on the connection status on my local network. When I log in to my Twingate dashboard there is the “on-Premise remote network” it shows a red mark as if it is NOT connected. The connectors all say “Not Yet connected”, though I deployed one. I put in one resource in for my local network to my NAS. It also shows a red connect mark. What am I missing?

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Which method did you use to deploy, the Scheduled Task or the docker container?

Hi @chris-twingate , I’m having the same problem with Eve-ng VM, I have installed it inside the VM through systemd and it’s green and active but on the website, it’s not connected. What should I do?

Hi @aa.rafat - I’m unfamiliar with - but your best bet is to put your connector into debug mode and take a look at the logs, as you will likely get information as to what is not working from them.

My first guess would be that your time zones/time info is potentially not accurate leading to token validity issues, but the logs will tell you for sure.



Your guess was correct, when I changed it the connection was good. Thank you a lot.