Updating Connector on Windows with Chocolatey

I deployed one of our connectors on Windows with Chocolatey. The Twingate Admin notifies me that this connector (v1.49.0) has an update available (v1.51.0).

Running the command choco upgrade twingate-connector gives me the message “twingate-connector v1.41.0 is the latest version available based on your source(s).”

Is there a command to upgrade the Twingate Connector within the Chocolately package?

I can’t find any documentation on how to do this on the Upgrading Connectors or Deploy Connector on Windows with Chocolatey documentation pages.

Thank you.

Okay, I think I’ve got this figured out.

multipass exec command allows you to execute commands within an instance.

multipass list command lists all the created instances.

Systemd Service documentation shows the command needed to update the Twingate Connector on Linux.

Putting it all together, the following command should update the Twingate Connector (replace CONNECTORNAME with the name from multipass list)

multipass exec CONNECTORNAME -- sudo -- sh -c 'apt update && apt install -yq twingate-connector && systemctl restart twingate-connector'

Perhaps this could be added to the documentation?

Hi @viewpoint8783 - good catch on this and yes, we will add this to our documentation.

Many thanks!