Big latency via docker container

I have installed Twingate connector in docker and there is a huge latency . It seems it sends my packets somewhere outside my country. I would be grateful if someone explained what is wrong or the aspects that I did not understand.Thanx in advance.

Hi Morrowindabyss,

Based on the observed IP of your connector it appears you’re in Uzbekistan, which is unfortunately a bit of a “dead zone” in terms of our Relay Infrastructure. Your two likely closest clusters geographically are Tel Aviv and Mumbai, which means some or all of your Twingate traffic will have to route through one of those locations, which would definitely add some latency.

I can certainly mention your location to our team and put somewhere closer on our list of potential Relay locations, but I cannot guarantee anything in terms of it actually happening or a timeframe where it may.

I apologize for the inconvenience.



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Thanks for the explanation.I appreciate your help.

Can I ask you if I have the same problem as the OP since I have spikes too? I start download a file, 7mb downloads and freeze. Also on i get 200mbps for 2 sec and goes to 3mbps after that.