Ubuntu Server - problem with connectors

Noob here… I’m having trouble with my connectors. Running an ubuntu server for nextcloud. I have docker installed and for a few days the connector was working fine. Now, it’s not. I’ve shut down and restart the server and it didn’t fix it. I have stopped the docker and restarted them, didn’t fix it. I loaded a “Helm” connector, too. Still not working. I’ve tried about everything I can think of to make it work, but I’m not having much success. Any ideas?

Hi coriantumr

You’ll need to see logs and please add
LOG_LEVEL=7 into /etc/twingate/twingate.conf
Then restart wich systemctl restart twingate-connector
And see logs with journalctl -u twingate-connector.service -f or without -f

And pleas share logs without confidential information like urls hostname IP’s. only error information

Logs will help us understand what’s happening.

If you’re able, installing the systemd Connector may be a bit more stable and easier to configure. If you’re not doing anything else with containers on your server, this probably makes the most sense.