AWS <> Azure VPN Site to Site


I’m trying to make a connection between my AWS and Azure resources, but I just can’t make AWS to Azure work!

Azure to AWS is working great, all services can be accessed and it’s fine.

AWS to Azure fails when the packet hit the Twingate Connector instance on Azure, which means the packet is received by the azure connector, but it can’t connect to anything. The thing is, if I SSH to this azure connector instance and try to connect/ping the resources, it can be accessed, which means the connection between the Azure Connector and the other resources are fine, but when all this workflow is used on twingate, does not work.

I don’t know what I can do and the twingate support does not offer support because i’m a Teams subscriber accordingly to this documentation, only Enterprise and Business subscribers have support Need help? | Docs.

Does anyone has any ideas?

Left side: AWS to Azure [Not working]
Right side: Azure to AWS [Working]

Hi @fmachado,

have you looked at this guide? It’s not exactly the same set up as yours (GCP + Azure) but since it covers the Azure part and that is what seems to be breaking in your case, perhaps it will be a helpful read.

Hi Bren,

Actually I could fix it. I don’t know why, but I was using Azure Container to host my connector and when I changed to a VM instance, the issue was fixed. I didn’t change anything else besides this, so I’m assuming this was my core problem.

Thanks for the reply!

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