*.privatelink.database.windows.net not working on Azure

Hi There,

I’ve got my controller working on azure … it works when I would like to connect to my private Azure Kubernetes Cluster … but not to my private SQL servers with hostname *.privatelink.database.windows.net …

Could someone please explain to me what I’m missing … I

Hi @makanmakan,

there is a few things to check:

  • make sure the Twingate Resource definition corresponds to the FQDN you use to make the connection
  • make sure the Connector can resolve the FQDN in question
  • check if establishing the connection via the IP of the DB server works (you will need to create a Twingate Resource for that IP so tell the Twingate Client to intercept the traffic for it)

I wonder if it is a resolution issue or something else.

Do you also see any corresponding activity in the Admin Console when clicking on the Twingate Resource for your DB(s)?