Android App Battery usage extremly high

On my Pixel 8 Pro (all updates installed) the app drains the battery around 50% overnight. also during the day, the app ranks first with around 50%.
Anyone else experiencing this?

Hi @hueppinr,

I have heard 1 other report of a user with high battery drain but it doesn’t seem to be the case for most users. I know VPNs will tend to drain battery faster because of the persistence and regularity of connection kepp alives / check ins that occur as part of maintaining the service. I can relay the feedback to our team, what version of Android are you on?

Thank you for comming back in this topic.
I have a Google Pixel 8 Pro with the newest Update of Android 14
January 203

Kind regards
Ralph Hueppin

Hi there,
Here a Pixel 7 Pro user with latest Android 14 January update with exactly the same problem