Ability to add notes to resources

Although resource labels can and should be descriptive, it would be useful to have the ability to provide detailed notes on a particular resource, especially when multiple people manage the networks/resources. For instance, I have a resource with full access to the entire Class B Private IP block (, which I keep disabled unless I’m troubleshooting an issue. It would be nice to have a simple note of what the resource is used for, contact me before enabling, etc. because it doesn’t seem appropriate (albeit doable) to have lengthy labels with a set of instructions. Thanks!

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+1 would be great to be able to add notes or comments to resources in MD format.

Thanks for the feedback! I’ll let you know if we add the ability to add notes to a Resource.

Could you highlight specific use cases where you have Resources that you’re adding/removing access from semi-regularly? I’d love to know more about how you would use these notes.