Utilizing SSL certificates for private network web servers

I have setup my connector on a Ubuntu server running on my proxmox server. This is a homelab proxmox. I have private resources configured in the Twingate admin console. I have DNS setup in StackPath. I have a DNS record nginx.example.com pointed to my nginx server private IP. When connected to my Twingate Network I am able to connect to my nginx webpage via http (port 80). No problem. However, I need HTTPS.

Typically I would run certbot to request ssl certs for all the subdomain server_name in my nginx config. However, I cant seem to get an SSL certbot letsencrypt request to work. There for all my web servers inside my private network are being accessed via http (port 80).

How can I secure all my private network web servers using SSL?

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Hi JLDroid,

Twingate itself is only concerned with network traffic (aka connecting Client to Server)

SSL should be based strictly on the hostname you’re accessing the server on and the server itself. Twingate doesn’t do anything with regards to SSL inspection/injection, so you would need to get a SSL Cert for nginx.example.com on the relevant machine. Then when you load nginx.example.com it’s still going to connect to the same server with the certificate, and be using the “correct” hostname, so it should work just fine.

If Certbot isn’t working, I suspect that’s a certbot specific issue rather than anything connected to Twingate.