Supernet Routing

I have two resources where one is a supernet of the other. For example, one is, and the other is Will Twingate pick the more specific one (like routing) or should I create two different networks each with their own resources and connectors?

Hi @packetbasher, Twingate should pick the more specific one that a user has access to.

I can’t understand any reason why they would be on the same Remote Network, could you elaborate on that in case I misunderstood something?

Also, note that with Twingate you can use DNS or the DNS Alias capability to handle overlapping subnets.

Thanks for the reply. I figured out that the most specific resource is chosen. Having them on the same network was a misunderstanding on my part being new to Twingate.

The problem I was trying to solve is most of the time I’m on a monitored Wi-Fi so I need a way to get around split-tunneling and ensure all traffic is encrypted leaving my client.

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Very pleased that you figured it out @packetbasher. We don’t offer full-tunnel at the moment but if most of the sites you use are HTTPS/TLS encrypted then you can have Twingate encrypt the DNS with our SecureDNS feature that sends all DNS traffic over DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH).

Let us know if we can help with anything else!

Just in case anyone else get here via google. While Twingate does not provide full tunnel I was able to make a network and resource for and run a connector for that on a small AWS instance which gives the same effect as a full tunnel.

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Hi @packetbasher - I’m glad you found a cool product hack! In the interest of transparency I’d like to let you know that this isn’t an intended product feature. So you’re free to use it like that and kick the tyres but it isn’t something we can support should the behaviour change in a future version.

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