Sorry, Windows install of connector, not sure what I am doing wrong

So I have tried to follow along with this video…

…but I can’t seem to figure out what I am doing wrong. Connector and network are defined in portal. Running PS as admin, I get chocolately installed fine. Reboot.

Run the command “choco install twingate-connector” and that’s where things get funky. Unlike the video, I am never prompted for the connector name or tokens. Unlike the video, it looks like the multipass never installs. I get the following message…

“Connector name:
Confirmation (-y) is set.
Respond within 30 seconds or the default selection will be chosen.”

…and I cannot enter any text, unlike the video.

Now does everything need to be run\installed in a vm? I have the Hyper-V feature installed but even when I ran these steps in a Windows guest, nothing happened.

Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong?

Hi @pc_load_letter, what version of Windows is running on the machine?

Thanks for the reply!

From the support docs, I have a host OS of Windows 10 and a guest OS (HyperV) of Windows 10. From my understanding of the documentation, the machine that is the connector needs the Hyper-V service\feature running. That is the case for my workstation.