Slow to connect using alias name

Hi All,

I am having a strange issue where when users try to connect via RDP or windows SMB using the FQDN/Alias set, the connection is slow to establish once connected there is no performance issues, however when connecting using the IP of the servers private address 10.1.1.xx or the Twingate IP the connection is instant.

The initial prompt for the users username and password is instant but once entered in RDP usually hangs on “Securing remote connection” for 30 seconds - 2 minutes.

I have tried this on multiple networks, home network with DNS servers set to and Office DNS 10.xx.xx.xx.

Any idea what this can be?


do you use Domain Controllers / Active Directory by any chance?

Yes, users will login with their AD username and password.
The DC is also on Twingate and has the same slow login.

got it! did you also create a resource for your service discovery traffic to be intercepted by Twingate?

Ahh this I haven’t done.

Most users are byod, non domain joined PC’s

They are aware when they mount SMB shares/RDP they need to put the domain\username.

Adding these additional resources will this cause issues for non domain joined PC’s?

nope, it should not cause any issue. I would add them just in case and see if it makes it faster. I think it will.

Added the resources in, no difference its still taking some time only when using the FQDN/Resource link.

When using IP there is no delay, near instant.

thanks @jletters!

If it’s not too much to ask… Would you care to activate debug logs on Client and Connector, trying again (basically reproducing the issue) and then shipping those logs to referencing this thread? I can ask our team to take a look at your logs.

Client logs:
Connector logs: