Many Many notifications from synology router

I get hundreds of notifications from my Synology router (RT6600AX)
“[Threat Prevention] - Suspicious network event Attempted User Privilege Gain dropped” I have Twingate installed on docker on my Synology NAS. I can access the NAS but I get these warnings even when I am not connected to the NAS remotely.

hi @orourkejim,

I have the exact same setup but I am not using the Safe Access package, I activated now and will see if it flags anything.

Your Connectors maintain persistent outbound connections to Twingate’s Relay infrastructure (this is what makes it possible to not keep any open port), I wonder if this is what is getting flagged by your Synology router, somehow.

Hi again,

I just responded to a very similar question so I think the explanation you are looking for might be there.