Dynamic DNS support

I am able to setup Twingate so that I can access my NextCloud setup at home that is behind a CGNAT, however, it also means that anyone that I have give access to this NextCloud instance also has to be setup in Twingate to share files etc. Normally, I would have accessed my server using HTTPS://mynextcloudaddress.homeip.net and a HTTPS route enabled through my modem. Since moving, I am now sat behind a CGNAT and my DDNS no longer works, hence using Twingate.

Question: Is there some way of configuring Twingate so that a DDNS address could resolve to a Twingate Network/Resource so that DDNS entries could just point to a web server behind a CGNAT without having to set the user up in Twingate?

Further, my SSL certificate is associated with my DDNS entry so will not renew due to the CGNAT.

Thanking anyone in advance for any help that they can provide.

We currently don’t support Dynamic DNS, at least not in a way that a DNS address would be accessible to folks outside of Twingate. It’s something that comes up now and again, so I’ve moved this to the “feature requests” section so we can more easily keep track of it.