Point my own cloudflare domain name to a twingate resource

How to point my own cloudflare domain to a twingate resource,im new to this so please explain it to me in detail.can i point a subdomain to each resource in my network,so i can access each resource wihtout need for static ip or dynamic dns ?

Since you’re already tied to Cloudflare and depending on what the resources (can’t do high bandwidth resources) are, you could use Cloudflare Tunnels which will allow you to use subdomain (can be created by Cloudflare) urls (https://subdomain.domain.com), that point to local resources, even if the resource is NOT https.

Very easy to setup, especially for windows resource (easy to setup windows service).

It works very well and seems robust BUT, (and this is a Big “Gotcha”) you can’t use it for high bandwidth resources or else you’ll get shut down.

If you have a domain that you control, like example.com, you could try using an alias to create a Twingate-only subdomain for a Resource, e.g. myresource.example.com.

An example:

  • You own homelab.com.
  • Your router, can have the alias router.homelab.com and you can access it over Twingate at router.homelab.com.

No DNS server needed!