Cant connect to share on a windows pc from Mac

I have added the ip address of a windows pc as a resources and i have also added it as a separate resource by its host name. I can connect to my shared folder on my windows pc via its ip address from my mac but not its hostname.

I go to finder and choose Connect to server and smb:// works but smb:// does not.

Any Help regarding this topic please?

Looking at your connection logs, I see every attempt to connect to the Windows PC via hostname returning a “DNS error” (you should also be able to see this in your Twingate admin dashboard.

This means the connector(s) you have deployed are unable to resolve the unqualified hostname to an IP.

You would need to ensure that your connectors can successfully resolve the hostname, potentially by adding an entry for it to your router that the connectors are querying for DNS.



Hi i’m not seeing where i can see the connection logs and dns errors on the dashboard. And can you give me an example of what the entry would look like on a router for this to work?

If you click on the specific hostname resource in your Twingate dashboard under the “Network” Section, you’ll see all the connection attempts.

Regarding your router, I unfortunately can’t provide much of an example as there are probably a few hundred different UI’s out there, but your best bet is to google “add custom DNS entry to router [your router model]”, and then you’d want to add an entry for [hostname] that resolves to [ip address of machine].