Zscaler and Twingate coexistence - how?


Our company has recently been acquired and our parent company is now deploying Zscaler on our laptops.
As happy Twingate users, we are now sad to see Zscaler preventing Twingate from working correctly. This is highlighted in the kb article https://help.twingate.com/hc/en-us/articles/7231412343581.

There is no solution provided in the KB. Nevertheless, our new IT department is asking us for a list of “sites and urls to bypass in zscaler”.

Although the culprit seems to be at the TLS level, is there a list of known Twingate urls we could provide to our IT team in an attempt to solve the issue?


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hi @nicopsf,

I believe this can be done by adding an exception in ZIA to *.twingate.com. Have you tried this?

Hello Bren, your solution worked. Thanks for the help.

Took me a while to get back because the solution was implemented only today!
I am unfortunately unable to share any detailed information concerning the fix since I do not have direct access to the zscaler management platform. It was done by an external team.


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