[Windows] Upgrade client admin prompt

Good Morning. Do we know when the ability to update the client with an admin prompt will happen. Currently I need to log the user out then log in as admin then upgrade the client which is very awkward currently.

This will be fixed in a few client versions, no concrete ETA at the moment. We’re aware of the frustration this causes and it’s in our release pipeline.

Ok thanks for the update. Is there a place where we can go to get notified when it happens or will it just happen then we’ll know.

It’ll be in our Client changelog whenever it goes out. I’ll try and remember to update this thread as well.

Hello, just chiming in here that we are also waiting for this feature. Any updates on this?

Yes it has been a few months since we last talked about this.

Any details would be apricated.



Just ran into this myself, incredibly annoying. What’s more if I close the client, then start it as my admin user… I don’t get the prompt for the update.

Can you please add a “check for updates” option somewhere so we can manually trigger this if needs bed.

Yes agreed, There is no consistent popup of the upgrade message.


Hi all, this issue has been fixed since version 2023.227. When an update is available and you are signed in as a non-admin, you’ll be prompted to escalate to admin via UAC instead of being forced to sign into a different account. Hopefully this eliminates the frustration of have to Switch between accounts to upgrade.

As for the update message not being consistent, updates are gradually rolled out across different Networks and different users. We’ll look into adding a “Check for Updates” button since we see how it could make checking for updates easier.

Thanks check for updates would be the cherry on top.

Andrew Ketchabaw