Will a VPN help with blocked outbound ports?

From what i have found, the outbound ports 30000-31000 is blocked on my organizations network. Will a VPN help to get around this? Or is it even possible to change those ports?

Might have been asked before but i haven’t found any so link to it if there is :smiley:
Thanks in advance


According to our Connector Best Practices guide (Best Practices | Docs) ports 30000 to 31000 are used for peer-to-peer connections, which provides the best possible experience for your users. This applies to the Client as well as they both try to connect out on a port in this range.

Without these ports being available your connections should still go through but will route through some of our infrastructure instead, and it’s not possible to change the ports so it’s recommended that you work with your network administrators to allow those ports in an outbound manner (no inbound ports are required).

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