Video Stream of Home Camera not working

Hi I have encountered an issue with the app that I hope can be resolved. I am using an iPhone Mini 12 with iOS 16.4.1, and I have a DoorBird camera installed in my home network. When I try to establish a connection to the camera using Twingate, the video stream does not load. Interestingly, this problem does not occur when I use a traditional VPN connection to access my home network.

For your reference, my network setup includes a UDM Pro from Unifi, and I am using NextDNS API for Twingate. I would greatly appreciate it if you could look into this issue and provide a solution or any suggestions to improve the connection with my DoorBird camera while using the Twingate app.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter, and I look forward to your response. Keep up the great work with the Twingate app!

Hi Fabio.

First Twingate need to be deploy connector for access network which you need.
Do you have server or similar on your home where you can install Twingate connector ?


I have similar issues with Hikvision cameras. Were you able to resolve it?

Hey Favio, Have you found a fix yet?