Using Twingate to connect to Raspberry Pi + Home Assistant

We recently launched ARM support for Twingate’s Connectors, which means you can now deploy them on your Raspberry Pi. If you are using Home Assistant to manage and automate your smart devices, you can now also use Twingate to securely access Home Assistant when you are on the go.

To help you get started, we put together a guide here:

Please comment below to let us know how things went or if you have any questions. And also let us know what other cool things you are tinkering on!

I just installed it and it works!
However I need to put the code into docker-compose.yaml file.
Can you please tell me what to write in docker compose file?

I am planning to use Twingate to replace my current method of remote access for Home Assistant.
I am curious how I set up the Home Assistant iOS app to use the Twingate iOS client.
The Home Assistant app provides some useful features that are not included in the direct web user interface. Normally it is set to point to a URL but in this case there isn’t one?