Upgrade running connectors in Docker on Ubuntu Core

Apologies if this has been answered but could not find any mention of this.

I’m trying to update Twingate Connectors from the information on this page:

using this command

curl -s https://binaries.twingate.com/connector/docker-upgrade.sh | sudo nohup sudo bash

I am however getting the error:
-bash: curl: command not found
nohup: appending output to ‘nohup.out’

I’m no Linux person sadly, but can someone help me out with the correct command, I kind of feel ubuntu core is missing the “curl” command?!

Any help appreciated. Thank you

Solved before even posting but hopefully this will help someone. Yes I was missing “curl”, no idea which version/variant I used (as I did install and uninstall one other version) lastly I install this one:
sudo snap install curl

then ran the update and checked version.