Unable to get Twingate Client to work on Synology NAS

I have tried a number of ways to get the Twingate Client installed so that I can use Hyper Backup directly from a local NAS to a remote NAS. So far I have been unsuccessful. My assumption going into this is since we can install the Twingate connector in a Docker container and get full access to the NAS we should be able to do the same with the client.

My first attempt was to build a Ubuntu virtual machine into which I successfully installed the client. I was able to get the resources defined and authorized and using the Firefox app on the Ubuntu I was able to successfully access the NAS. I could only access the NAS in the virtual machine where the client was running. This makes sense since a virtual machine is in theory isolated to itself. However the virtual machine runs inside of a manager so I’m wondering is there is something within the manager that could give the client access to the rest of the NAS such that the client could be used by Hyper Backup and let Hyper Backup access a remote NAS.

Since I couldn’t figure out how to do what I wanted in the virtual machine I turned to Docker. With the help of the forum I was able to get a headless copy of the client running in a Ubuntu Docker container. But again I was unable to get the access I need to use Hyper Backup. I was thinking I had a better chance with Docker because the connector runs in a container.

My third, and last attempt, was to build a virtual DSM image and install the client right into the DSM. This is certainly not something I would ultimately want to do, modify DSM, but just to see it I could get Hyper Backup to work. However it appears that DSM does not have the required software stack needed by the client. Upon the attempt to install the client I ran into commands not found. I don’t have the Linux knowledge needed to debug this situation not the situations I previously ran into.

Ultimately I’m wondering if there is any way to get the client installed on a Synology NAS such that Hyper Backup will work. Is there anything else I can try.



Hello Roger,

I don’t think it’s possible to use Hyper Backup to achieve what you are wanting to do. At this time there isn’t a way to install twingate directly into the DSM. (Don’t know if this will ever happen)

I thought that maybe you could use a proxy that has twingate installed but after some research the proxy settings only affect traffic from apps that use http/https. Other apps that use rsync, for example, don’t pay attention to the proxy settings.

I think the easiest way to achieve what you are looking to do would be to mount your data volumes to a ubuntu docker container that has the twingate headless client installed and then via a cronjob, rsync that data over to site B set up the same way.


Hey Steven,

Oh poop, I thought you were going to say that.

I’ll look into your suggestion but it will require some learning to understand what your suggesting.




When you say:

rsync that data over to site B set up the same way

What type of Docker container are you talking about. One with another headless client, a Twingate connector, a Ubuntu container. I’m confused.


Hello Roger,

I’m not sure of your exact intentions but if you only wanted to replicate from Site A > Site B then you would need a Twingate connector on Site B and a Ubuntu Container with mounted volumes to write the replicated data to.

Then on Site A I would deploy a Ubuntu Container and then install the twingate headless client inside so that it can reach site B and the Ubuntu Container. This Site A Ubuntu Container would have the files you want replicated to site B mounted within and you would use rsync to replicate the data.

If you want to also replicate from Site B > Site A then both sites will need a Twingate Connector installed as well.

So if you want Site to Site replication there would be 4 Containers.

Site A :
Twinate Connector Container A
Ubuntu Container A

Site B :
Twinate Connector Container B
Ubuntu Container B


Thanks Steven I think you’ve given me what I need to get going. And yes I want to replicate from Site A to Site B. Site B is connected to the internet via Starlink and since port forwarding is not supported I was hoping to use Twingate to connect and use Hyper Backup. Since that isn’t an option this looks like the next best solution.

Thanks again.