Unable to connect with Windows 10 (installer)

Good afternoon,

I’ve been trying to get twingate to work - it seems to straightforward, until it doesn’t work.

Appreciate any help.

Machine: Windows 10
Installation: the windows installation via Chocolately

I followed the same instructutions as in the youtube video:


I can successfully log into the Twingate app on my phone, however, I am not able to connect via RD Client in my android 10 device.

I have seen a similar issue on other posts, but it doesn’t quite fit in with the installation type I followed.

In RD Client, the error message is: “Unable to connect… Error Code: 0x204”.

In Twingate controller, the error message is: " Failed to connect to [my resource]".

Thank you for your support.


Another thing I noticed…

When rewatching the youtube tutorial, I noticed that the Hostname in the video was mav-win-01, which was the users local machine running the installer. When I run through these steps, my hostname gets set to the same as the connector name.

I.e. connecter = blue-salmon; hostname = blue-salmon

Not sure if this has anything to do with it.