Ubuntu service account DNS resolver problem

How to configure DNS for the correct work of the service account?
Before using the service account my server had 2 DNS in /etc/resolv.conf file:
Then I’ve installed the service account by manual “Linux Headless Mode”.
OS: Ubuntu 20.04
Twingate Client: 1.0.80+75884

But when I try to get IP address of any of added to the twingate resources I get the real IP instead of 100.x.x.x.
So I can’t connect to the resource through the twingate connectors.
How can I fix it? What should I do?



When the twingate client is started it should overwrite /etc/resolv.conf with its CGNAT IP’s used as resolvers.

If the twingate client is unable to do this, twingate will not intercept network flows. In some cloud environments, like GCP, this file is overwritten every hour by DHCP services which can cause the client to stop working.

I’m not sure why in your environment, twingate is unable to update this file.

@Steven thanks for your answer.
Looks like I’ve found the problem.
I’ve installed the resolvconf packet and set the first nameserver as
After that, everything works fine.

Thanks a lot