Twingate and GlobalProtect


I have twingate on a rasPi and various connectors to access my network, all works ok however, my PC also has a GlobalProtect VPN for work and when Twingate is enabled, i cannot access any of the work network folders. I am able to connect to the work vpn, i just can access anything. I disabled Twingate and immediately i could access work again.

Is there a way to disable twingate without needing to reinstall it after? Thats what i had to do to get it working again tonight. I did quit the app but it didnt make a difference, only the disabling worked.

I want to use twingate as my ZTN but it cant and shouldnt affect other connections


hi @NachoShaw,

Is it fair to assume you are on a Windows machine?

If so, the Twingate Windows Client comes in 2 separate parts: the UI component that you can close by clicking “Quit” and a system service that does not actually stop if you click “Quit”: this is likely the source of your issue. In order to stop the Twingate Client on Windows completely, no need to uninstall but you should instead use the “Log Out and Disconnect”: this will close the UI and stop the underlying service.

by the way, the reason, the Twingate Client on Windows exists as a UI component and an independent Service is to accommodate use cases for Start Before Logon use cases where Windows workstations need to access certain private protected resources behind Twingate before a user logs on to their workstation.

Here is a bit more information on this btw: