Trial of twingate business, can't get traffic flowing

Trying to decide on good ZTNA solution for work. Doing a trial of TwinGate at home.
Trying to ping from Android client to Synology NAS…failing.
Here is what I have done so far:
Setup twingate account.
Install Connector using Docker on Synology NAS using instructions on Twingate website here.
Connector shows connected.
Install Android client on phone.
Verified android client using Twingate website.
Added Resource of LAN using CIDR of entire LAN private network.
Added Everyone to be able to access LAN Resource
No policies
Turned off Android built-in Google VPN.
Turned on Android Twingate VPN/client. (Android is on WiFi on separate network)
Ping from Android phone to NAS Timeout.
On twingate website, it shows these details:
I requested
Protocol: ICMP • Client Device IP:
Relay patched connection
Relay Address:
Connector (MyConnector) received request
Connector: mottled-donkey
Failed to connect to MyConnector could not be reached

Not sure what else to do at this point.

Hi @JT2022 - can you try something other than ping to verify if it works? I’m suspecting that the required flags to support ping on the Twingate connector docker instance may not be present.

I can connect using https.
How do I enable ping?
How do I configure a backup connector? When I add a backup connector to the Synology NAS, the second one stops immediately.

Hi @JT2022 - to enable ping you need to enable a sysctl flag:

sudo sysctl -w net.ipv4.ping_group_range='0 2147483647'

For a backup connector, we would recommend installing it on a separate physical device so that it can take over if/when your other connector fails.

OK…but how to run that command against the connector in Docker on a Synology NAS?

Hi @JT2022 - on Synology you have to enable SSH access and then SSH in to execute this command.

If you’re not a regular shell user we would suggest taking extra care when using SSH and disabling SSH access once you’ve applied the change.