The resource cannot be accessed

I have deployed it, win11 installed n client and verification is complete, I can’t access the configured resources. Symptoms:

  1. All parts in the panel are green, and the win device is displayed normally.
  2. The resource access through the public IP is normal.However, the private IP address defined through the resource panel cannot be accessed, and adding the alias is still invalid.
  3. The TAP interface shows that the Internet cannot be accessed, it has been uninstalled and reinstalled several times, and the network is reset.
    4.I check the TAP interface information, IP address, DNS, etc. are normal NAT reserved address information (100.127.XXX.XXX, etc., DNS is 100.XXX.XXX.251-254), DHCP is on, and I can observe that there is a tap interface with traffic interaction.
    5.When I deploy the connector on armbian in the intranet, there is a problem that the connector connects normally but relay cannot connect.

Hi Evan,

I went to troubleshoot your instance and it looks like you’ve removed all your configuration so I can’t even make any guesses.

If you were to try again and leave your resources and connectors defined I can look at our analytics and see if there’s anything obvious as to why the connection is failing.



I have redeployed and reproduced the previous configuration and the problem remains.
But,but… It should be added that I have been trying to deploy, and when I try to switch to logging in with a gmail account, the deployment will work fine, but if I use MS outlook, the previous problem will be reproduced. I’m confused, in the same network environment, Gmail needs to use VPN login, obviously this is not fully functional, only Outlook is friendly.

IIhave fixed the method to reinstall and deploy the latest 1.58.0 version.