TG in a Digitalocean VPC Issues

I have two droplets in a DigitalOcean VPC. One is running the TG connectors in docker and it works fine. It properly created its network. The second droplet (Ubuntu 23.10) has been added as a resource in TG and I am able to connect to it from any TG client on my network. Everything is as expected.

I need the second droplet to also be a client as it will be used to run Ansible Semaphore and will need access to all the other TG resources. Here is where the problem starts.

I successfully loaded the client on the second droplet and the setup ran without issue. As soon as the client comes online I am no longer able to access the droplet as a resource. No ping or ssh capability. I can only access the second droplet via the console. When I stop the client, I am then able to ssh and ping.

When the client is running, and I am on the console, I am also not able to access any other resource on the network.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Update: I removed the resource VM and connector vm from the VPC and re-deployed new connectors and the second vm inside of the default VPC where my other VM’s live. I can add any of my VM’s as resources and it works fine but if I try to run a client on one of the VM’s I am no longer able to connect to it or ping it.

I have posted a different question that is a bit more clear on what I need to do.