SQLExpress speed issues

This is where its weird,

if I am NOT logged into Twingate, .\SQLExpress gives the error ### The target pricipal name is incorrect. Cannot generate SSPI context

I have to log into TWIN Gate to connect and then its slow (Visual studio times out).

Found out after I made this post, a co-worker has the same slowness with local and twingate but is able to disconnect from twingate and it works as expected.

Wireshark capture https://file.io/PW2ERO7yqykQ

Hey Jeffery,

There should be no reason that Twingate is interfering with anything regarding your local SQLExpress connection – I don’t see any records of you accessing anything but the azure SQL server via Twingate.

I’m assuming that if you log out & disconnect from Twingate you don’t see the speed issues with SQLE?

If you wouldn’t mind, can you grab Wireshark and do a packet capture from all your network interfaces while Twingate is running and you’re trying to access the Express instance? There may be some clues in there as to what is causing the issue(s).