Selfhosted in docker desktop

Is it possible to setup twingate via Docker Desktop in windows 10?

Yes, that is how I’m running it (the connector) BUT it seems it’s not the preferred method. So far it’s been working for me (<30 days).

I also setup a Ubuntu Server Minimized using the free VMWare Player as a backup connector.

is it posible to run ubuntu-server on docker, if yes can u send me tut / guide??

I personally would not do that. I think you are better off just running either Docker Desktop or running Ubuntu Server in a VM (Hyper-V if you are using Windows Pro or VMWare Player.)

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is oracle virtualbox ok?

It is, but I’ve had bad experiences with VirtualBox.

me too but for now that’s the one that I know how to use

btw how have you set your network adapter in VMware?

I have it Bridged.


ok have a nice day/night

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