Relay - Could Not Connect

Running on Proxmox 8.0.3 as LXC Container.
Everything was working fine for 3 weeks. Suddenly the Relay stopped connecting.
Checked ports 30000- 31000 and they are okay.

Starting Nmap 7.93 ( ) at 2023-07-24 13:05 IDT
Nmap scan report for (
Host is up (0.21s latency).
rDNS record for

30001/tcp filtered pago-services1

Nmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 2.62 seconds

real 0m2.625s
user 0m0.039s
sys 0m0.005s

Hi there,

Is there anything in your Twingate Connector Logs that might suggest what’s going on?

2023-07-24T17:11:07.498624000Z [DEBUG] [libsdwan] [relay] get_needed_conns_count: relay, needed_conns_count 0
2023-07-24T17:11:07.498661000Z [DEBUG] [libsdwan] [relay] get_needed_conns_count: relay, needed_conns_count 0
2023-07-24T17:11:07.498707000Z [DEBUG] [libsdwan] relaybalancer::get_instance: “relaybalancer+”
2023-07-24T17:11:07.498747000Z [DEBUG] [libsdwan] http::request::send_request: GET “” text/plain
2023-07-24T17:11:07.498789000Z [DEBUG] [libsdwan] [relay] get_all_listen_addrs: listeners_ size 1
2023-07-24T17:11:07.851201000Z [DEBUG] [libsdwan] http::response::from: certificate <certificate_thumbprint>, issuer: C=US, O=Let’s Encrypt, CN=R3, subject:
2023-07-24T17:11:07.851354000Z [DEBUG] [libsdwan] http::request::handle_response: GET “” 200 OK (duration 0 sec)
2023-07-24T17:11:07.851429000Z [DEBUG] [libsdwan] relaybalancer::operator(): relay info: {“ip”:“”,“port”:“30005”,“stun”:“”,“stuns”:[“”,“”],“zone”:“europe-west2-a”}
2023-07-24T17:11:07.851497000Z [DEBUG] [libsdwan] [relay] operator(): new relay instance: zone europe-west2-a, addr
2023-07-24T17:11:07.851565000Z [DEBUG] [libsdwan] [relay] get_needed_conns_count: relay, needed_conns_count 16
2023-07-24T17:11:07.851641000Z [DEBUG] [libsdwan] [token_fetcher] get_ct: requesting ct_key_t(network: any)
2023-07-24T17:11:07.851708000Z [DEBUG] [libsdwan] [token_fetcher] get_token: got a cached token for ct_key_t(network: any)
2023-07-24T17:11:07.851779000Z [DEBUG] [libsdwan] [relay] get_needed_conns_count: relay, needed_conns_count 16
2023-07-24T17:11:07.851845000Z [DEBUG] [libsdwan] [relay] connect: opening 16 connections to relay at
2023-07-24T17:11:07.851932000Z [DEBUG] [libsdwan] relay_connect(0x5620870872d0)
2023-07-24T17:11:07.852002000Z [DEBUG] [libsdwan] dns_getaddrinfo(
2023-07-24T17:11:07.852071000Z [DEBUG] [libsdwan] resolve_cb: connecting to
2023-07-24T17:11:07.852131000Z [DEBUG] [libsdwan] relay_conntrack(0x5620870872d0)
2023-07-24T17:11:07.852188000Z [DEBUG] [libsdwan] relay_set_state(0x562086fe1420): switching state from 5 to 1
2023-07-24T17:11:07.852256000Z [DEBUG] [libsdwan] relay_connect(0x562086fe1420) hostname:, proto: 1, err: 0
2023-07-24T17:11:07.852336000Z [DEBUG] [libsdwan] relay_connect(0x5620870d8150)
2023-07-24T17:11:07.852409000Z [DEBUG] [libsdwan] dns_getaddrinfo(
2023-07-24T17:11:07.852481000Z [DEBUG] [libsdwan] resolve_cb: connecting to
2023-07-24T17:11:07.852544000Z [DEBUG] [libsdwan] relay_conntrack(0x5620870d8150)
2023-07-24T17:11:07.852615000Z [DEBUG] [libsdwan] relay_set_state(0x562086fde560): switching state from 5 to 1
2023-07-24T17:11:07.852680000Z [DEBUG] [libsdwan] relay_connect(0x562086fde560) hostname:, proto: 1, err: 0
2023-07-24T17:11:07.852743000Z [DEBUG] [libsdwan] relay_connect(0x562087070680)

It’s Okay now.

It was a routing problem in my split VPN configuration.