Private DNS server on Synology

I have set up a private DNS server on my synology that resolves xyz.home.domain to a static IP. My synology’s network interface is also set up to use that DNS server. I have a Twingate connector installed in a docker container on the synology, but my problem is that when I try and access my network on my phone via a Twingate client using xyz.home.domain, it doesn’t work (but going to works).

In Twingate I have a resource for and xyz.home.domain set up.

I suspect this is because the connector container is not using the private DNS server. Any ideas how to set up the connector to use the private DNS?

This is the error message that is appearing in the container logs when I try to reach xyz.home.domain:
HYD: remote_assign_tun_ip(0x7f00b2e02f70): packet pool’s tun_ip is not configured

Hi @Return it sounds as if Docker on your Synology is not using the hosts DNS. You might try running the connector with host networking (--network=host Use host networking | Docker Documentation) or specify the DNS server to use (--dns=<the IP of your DNS server Container networking | Docker Documentation)

Let us know if either of those help!

Thanks, that looks like it would work, but I’m not sure how to run the container with that command line flag in Synology?

Hi @Return - you can try the Docker network settings for Synology here - specifically ‘Use the same network as Docker Host’ or you should be able to set Environment Variables by following the steps here.

Also see this step-by-step walkthrough for how to set up a Twingate Docker container on Synology. You can do it via the Docker UI that Synology provides, no need to use the command line.

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i had to create a new container but that worked, thank you!!!

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Thanks for letting us know @Return - very pleased you have this up and running and hope your experience with Twingate will be smooth sailing from here on out.