Linux stuck in authentication loop

After restarting my laptop, I noticed Twingate was stuck in an auth loop. I didn’t see anything like that in the forum, so I hope someone can help me with the following logs. I didn’t know how to upload the zip file, so I’m sharing it from my NAS.


From what I’m seeing in the current boot log the client is failing to resolve our domain on the initial authentication step, all of the DNS servers it’s trying are timing out over and over, which then causes it to restart the service after x failed attempts in order to try to resolve the issue.

Does your laptop have connectivity otherwise, like can you connect to regular websites with the client offline? Looking at the log and seeing the client unable to even connect to any of your defined DNS servers suggests there’s a network issue with Ubuntu itself, so I would expect that you wouldn’t be able to connect to anything.

I had completely forgotten I had Portmaster running in the background, which was blocking the connection for some reason. Everything is now up and running. Thanks for mentioning DNS, or I’d never thought about it.

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