Is there any way to have an "exit node" like Tailscale but with Twingate?

I’ve been trying out a few remote access solutions at home like TailScale and zerotier and I saw Network Chuk’s video on Twingate and thought I’d try it out. I actually like TwinGate’s management more than tailscale but I really like the exit Node feature of tailscale for when I’m away from home but don’t want to advertise it to the internet (call me paranoid i fyou want).

Is tihs something I can do with Twingate too or is it sometihng you can think about adding? I would never be a huge customer but like I said I like the product a lot, would just be nice if I could do that here too.



Hey Steve,

Because Twingate works a little differently compared to Tailscale, the concept of an “exit node” doesn’t translate directly across in the ability to route all your internet traffic from your client out through another client, but at the same time, you can think of your Twingate connector(s) as “exit nodes” in their own right.

This means that if you were to add the following two resources - * and - to a Remote Network in Twingate, all network traffic would ultimately route via Twingate and out through the connector(s) on that remote network.

And because Twingate handles routing to resources from a “most specific” to “least specific” perspective, any traffic going to anything you had defined as a more granular Twingate resource (say or would continue to work as expected, while all other traffic would just route to your connector and out to the internet.

If you wanted to take this a step further even, you could take a bit of inspiration from our Windows “Start Before Logon” documentation and configure a Device Only policy that doesn’t require authentication which means you would have the full exit node functionality without having to re-authenticate after a reboot just to keep it in place, while still maintaining a more strict policy on your sensitive resources.

I hope this makes sense but if not please feel free to let us know and I’ll do my best to clarify!