Is it possible to use Touch ID (biometrics) on my iPhone to connect to the service?

It’s a hassle to have to log in every time I need to activate the vpn, is there a way to let the app to delegate the authentication to the phone’s biometric authenticator rather having to login to GitHub every time?

Hi @thepolarcat,

this is available already for mobile including iOS. I wonder if the registration process is perhaps confusing? To enroll biometrics, you will first need to connect to Twingate, type in your MFA and then click on “enroll a Security Key”:

That just added an additional step, I’m interested in skipping having to login with another service in the first place and just use biometrics.

hi @thepolarcat,

I see, I will flag it as a Feature Request. At this time, biometrics / WebAuthN is only used as a replacement for 2 Factor Authentication and cannot be used to replace the authentication itself.