inTune Device Verification

Using intune connector, I have a device that never goes to a verified status. Despite showing fully compliant on the Microsoft side of the house, it remains in the ‘Unverified - Unmanaged device’ status in Twingate.

When the agent was first installed, it was indeed out-of-compliance in Intune but it has now been compliant for over 48 hours and the status has not changed on the Twingate side.

Is there something I need to do to refresh this value or have it re-check?

Hi @MSP-Mop, are you still experiencing the issue?

I’m having the same issue MSP-Mop described. Other Intune compliant devices are successfully showing as Verified, but this machine’s status still isn’t showing as “Verified” in Twingate.

Let me know if I need to start another thread.

Hey @sbru – I’m assuming you’ve seen this but just in case you havent - here’s our “common” list of why a device may show as Intune not verified.


  • The device is not managed by Intune
  • Its Intune Compliance State is not Compliant or In-grace period
  • The device has not reported back to Intune in the past 7 days
  • We’ve been unable to retrieve a serial number from the device
  • We’ve been unable to retrieve Intune data from the device

If none of these are the case - if you could send me the full screenshot of the device info page from Intune to arthur (at) - I can investigate further for you.




Thanks for the quick response. I just sent you an email with the requested details.